Space Maintainers For Your Kids

Around three years old, most children develop their first full set of baby teeth. Primary teeth allow kids to chew solid meals for the first time and perform an important role as placeholders for permanent teeth. A dental expert may offer space maintainers to support your kid's mouth until the gaps are filled with permanent teeth if your child loses their baby teeth early or their permanent teeth erupt late.

Space Maintainers for your kids maintain that free space for the tooth destined to be there. If you can maintain the teeth and their alignment early, the chances of getting better dental health in a later stage increase.

When your kids may need space maintainers?

Over-retained teeth:

In some children, the eruption process for new and permanent teeth is not as smooth as in others. The issues arise for many reasons, including the defect in the jawbone, the soft tissues of gums becoming hard, etc. In such cases, the teeth become loose, making the gums and teeth tight. It leaves less space for the new teeth and causes dental crowds in your child's mouth, leading to over-retained teeth. Space maintainers play an important role in issues related to over-retained teeth.

Teeth loss due to trauma:

During the early stages of life, children are more to traumas and injuries while playing or running. The front teeth, including canines and incisors, are most likely to get injured due to traumas. Thus, the damage to premature teeth causes difficulties for the new teeth to come out, and if they can manage to erupt, misalignment can happen. Space maintainers help in avoiding misalignment and also fill the space temporarily.

Early tooth extraction:

The baby's milk teeth can catch germs more easily, and hence the children do not pay much attention to cleaning, leading to decay and cavities. Early tooth loss occurs due to severe cavities, and sometimes the pediatric dentist needs to extract the decayed tooth to save the rest from cavities. Space maintainers provide enough space for the erupting teeth and avoid overcrowding.


This first step is the pediatric dentist's detailed examination of your kid's teeth. He will inject mild anesthesia for a little sedation and ensure your child's comfort. The orthodontic band or crown on the adjacent teeth helps hold the maintainer. A wire loop is attached to the crown or band, touching the space and sticking out. In this way, the loop reserves the space for the permanent tooth, and it comes out easily without causing tooth overcrowding.

Final thoughts:

The parents need to make sure that their child cleans their teeth regularly and avoids rushing with the hard bristles. Try not to rub the brush over space as it will cause soft tissues. Go to the dentist regularly and get a complete examination of your child to ensure safety.

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