Oral Care Infants - Pediatric Oral Care in Stockton

Today, more than ever before parents are intensely concerned with the overall dental health of their children. Infant oral care begins in the earliest stages of life and sets the groundwork for positive dental health well into adulthood and old age. Infant and child oral health begins at birth and typically goes to about five years of age. One of the keys to infant oral health is ensuring that an infant’s gums are always cleaned after feeding. A moistened washcloth can be used to gently massage gum tissue in order to achieve the best results.

Infant Oral Care

Regularly Visually Inspect Children's Gums and Teeth

When children reach the age of six months to 12 months of age they will typically experience the emergence of their first tooth. Practicing good oral hygiene even at this age is vitally important. This helps to reduce the chances of tooth decay and cavities even in infants. Parents should regularly visually inspect children’s gums and teeth for any irregularities. If anything looks out of place it is recommended that you contact your dental care provider as soon as possible. Early detection is one of the best ways to know for sure if something is not right with the child’s dental health. Also, keep in mind that by the age of one year old, children should have a complete and detailed oral examination by a dental care provider.

Teaching Your Children How to Brush Their Teeth Properly

Children’s teeth should be brushed twice a day at this age using clean water. From one year of age to about five years of age, a child’s baby teeth should have fully emerged. Parents may consider weaning children off to a pacifier by about the age of three. This is a good time to begin teaching your children how to brush their teeth properly. As stated earlier, always inspect your child’s teeth and gums periodically for anything unusual. Regular dental checkups and good home dental healthcare can go a long way in keeping your children healthy through all stages of life. Talk with your Stockton pediatric dentist, Dr. Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental for more information on infant oral care.