Pediatric pulpotomy - Children's pulpotomy in Stockton

While it is not possible to see the pulp of a tooth, this important part of the tooth structure at its center is made up of tissue, nerves and blood vessels. All of these components of the tooth pulp are intended to move vital nutrients and oxygen to all components of the tooth. That said there are a number of ways that the tooth pulp can actually become damaged. Whether it is trauma or tooth decay or some other type of injury, pulp related problems could cause pain and inflammation and ultimately lead to the loss of the tooth. Dental pulp treatment is important because it can help reduce the chances of requiring the extraction of a tooth that could otherwise be saved. 

Dental Pulp Treatment

Speech Production and Proper Tooth Alignment

Through pediatric pulp therapy or dental pulp treatment such as root canal, a dental pulp issue can be rectified ultimately saving the affected tooth. Pulp therapy can be applied to baby teeth as well as permanent children’s teeth and adult teeth. This ensures that proper chewing along with speech production and correct tooth alignment as well as spacing of permanent teeth is assured. There are a number of ways to determine that the tooth pulp has become infected or injured. For example, constant pain that is undetermined could be a clear sign.

Pulp Related Treatment is an Important Kind of Dental Care

In addition, chronic nighttime pain in a tooth or sensitivity to cold or warm foods and drinks is another clear sign. In other cases patients may experience soreness or redness around a tooth that has some type of injured or infected pulp. Even an unexpectedly loose tooth may be an indication that there is injury to the pulp. With so much to offer it is clear to see why pulp related treatment is an important dental care that should never be overlooked. Talk with your pediatric dentist in Stockton, Dr. Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental for more information on dental pulp therapy.