Why Does My Child Have Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain or something simply referred to as a toothache is a type of throbbing pain that may indicate either tooth damage or injury to soft tissue. One clear example of what might cause a toothache is something known as tooth decay or a cavity. Pain that is throbbing in nature may also occur if there is an infection in the tooth or the surrounding gums are infected. Another source of tooth pain is when the pulp at the innermost portion of the tooth becomes injured or infected. One way that the inner portion of the tooth or the pulp becomes injured is when bacteria enters through a cavity or crack in the tooth.

A bad taste in the mouth
A Bad Taste in The Mouth

There are many symptoms associated with mild to severe dental pain. The throbbing pain indicative of tooth injury or disease includes the following symptoms. Bad breath, a bad taste in the mouth, redness, a dull ache or sharp pain when you bite. In addition, tooth sensitivity as well as pain when you eat something sweet or pain or aching in the jaw all indicate that there may be a serious problem. Even more concerning is when you have a fever or if there is puss or white fluid extruding from someplace within the mouth. Any of these cases require immediate attention from a dental care professional.

Bacteria eventually cause cavities
Bacteria Eventually Cause Cavities

Decay is perhaps one of the most notable reasons that dental pain occurs. Tooth decay happens when bacteria eats into the hard enamel outer layer of an individual’s tooth. When you eat excessive amounts of sugary foods, bacteria levels increase in the mouth. These increased levels of bacteria eventually cause cavities. When cavities go un-checked they eventually cause disease that leads to pain. In some cases, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics as a way to clear up an infection. Either way, the best thing you can do is maintain a good oral hygiene program at home. Contact your pediatric dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi D.D.S. at Happy Kids Dental, today if your child is experiencing tooth pain.

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