When Do Kids Need Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are simple devices made of acrylic or metal material. They are nothing more than a dental appliance used to help maintain proper space between teeth where a tooth has been lost. This is a temporary space retainer that is only intended to be used until a permanent tooth erupts. There are several types of space maintainers to consider. For example, one is called a unilateral space maintainer. It is used to maintain the space for just one tooth. In addition, something known as a distal shoe that is made of metal is employed for situations where there is a slow-growing molar.

Multiple Teeth That Are Missing Usually in The Front of the Mouth

Equally useful is something known as a lingual space maintainer. This version of the device is used when there are multiple teeth that are missing usually in the front of the mouth. Finally, something known as a crown and loop is a type of space maintainer that is affixed to a crown and helps to maintain enough space so that new teeth may erupt normally. The simple answer to the question of when this type of device is needed is answered by looking at the different types of maintainers that are available. Depending on your child’s individual situation, your dentist may recommend one of the above options.

Keep Teeth Straight Until Permanent Teeth Erupt

Keep in mind also that sometimes teeth become injured or damaged. This is another instance where space maintainers may be used to keep teeth straight until permanent teeth erupt. Most dentists would agree that maintaining proper space for children’s teeth is very important. An open space can easily cause a tooth or multiple teeth to shift causing serious alignment issues. To learn more about this innovative type of orthodontic treatment or other dental services for children, contact your trusted kids' dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental today.

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