What Is Root Canal Therapy

What Is Root Canal Therapy

In the most basic of terms, root canal therapy is simply a procedure that aims to clean out the inside canal of the tooth. This is typically done when a tooth has become injured or diseased. The procedure involves the dentist gaining access to the root, cleaning out the infected area and disinfecting as necessary. The section of tooth in question is then filled and sealed. Root canal treatment is an excellent way to save a tooth that has serious problems. In many cases root canal is required because a cavity has been allowed to propagate over time to the point where it has reached the pulp and nerves of the tooth.

The Treatment Can Easily Last a Lifetime

After the tooth has been hollowed out and the pulp and nerves are carefully removed, each root is individually sealed as necessary. Your dentist will then place a temporary and eventually a permanent crown over the tooth to protect it from any further damage, injury or disease. The good news is that when root canal therapy is done in a careful and successful way, the treatment can easily last a lifetime. Patients can rest assured that safe local anesthesia will eliminate any concern regarding pain.

Cracked and Chipped Teeth
Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Endodontic treatment is highly effective today and enjoys extremely high levels of success helping patients to experience a better quality of life. When a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, root canal treatment or therapy is usually the best option. Whether it is deep decay, excessive dental procedures on a particular tooth or even a faulty crown, root canal can save the day. Root canal treatment helps with cracked and chipped teeth that have ultimately resulted in an infection that has reached the pulp. Perhaps most important of all is that root canal treatment can help to avoid more serious problems such as an infected abscess. Talk with Stockton kids' dentist, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental today to learn more about root canal therapy and its necessity for kids and adolescents.

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