What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do

In most instances a pediatric dentist treats infants and children up to around the age of reaching adolescence. What makes a pediatric dentist so unique is that they work specifically with young children who have developing teeth. Further, a dentist that specializes in pediatrics is also tasked with providing dental health education to both children and their parents over the course of treatment. From proper oral health to the best kind of diet and how to brush and floss, there are many aspects of dental education that are included in the normal course of pediatric dentistry. Most importantly, healthy habits are established early on to ensure the absolute best in dental health and wellness over the entire lifetime of the patient.

Young Patients May Experience Sensitive Teeth

Another important aspect of pediatric care for young dental patients is tooth decay. Because children’s teeth are more difficult to clean, teeth cleaning becomes a more important issue as compared to when children mature into young adults. Additionally, a dentist focused on pediatric care may offer dental sealants and fluoride treatment as a way to prevent the onset of tooth decay. A pediatric dentist will also treat a wide range of other types of complex oral health related problems often experienced by young patients. They may fill cavities, fix chipped or broken teeth and even remove teeth as necessary. In other situations, young patients may experience sensitive teeth. Also, sometimes necessary is dental surgery in order to correct problems with teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

Teach Them Good Oral Care and Dental Practices
Teach Them Good Oral Care and Dental Practices

It is important to note that pediatric dentistry requires additional training and education beyond the standard general practice related educational requirements. Some of the topics covered in this additional training include everything from child psychology to various aspects of child related oral trauma. Anesthesia and orthodontics as well as other aspects of general dentistry are also explored in more detail with regard to pediatrics. All said, one of the best things that parents can do for their children is to teach them good oral care and dental practices at home on a regular basis. This is the easiest way to ensure that good dental health habits are established at a very early age. With so much to offer, pediatric dentistry can do wonders for children so that they enjoy the best possible dental health going forward. Talk with your kids dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental for more information on this important aspect of modern dentistry.

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