What are the options for kids’ dental crowns?

Your dentist will advise dental crowns for kids if they have a tooth that is seriously decaying or damaging. Due to various reasons, including children's less developed brushing skills and a desire for sweets such as candies and chocolates, tooth decay is the most frequent dental condition affecting kids. Sugars are a favorite food of the bacteria that make the acids that cause tooth decay, and poor oral hygiene means these acids stay on teeth for more extended periods.


Cavities bring on by dental decay are commonly cured with fillings, although this is only an option in the early stages. If decay is left untreated, it may cause significant damage to the tooth that a child needs a dental crown to protect it.


If you wonder why dentists don't simply extract such teeth because permanent ones eventually replace baby teeth, the answer is that baby teeth function as placeholders for permanent teeth. Premature tooth loss can lead to dental complications such as mismatched teeth. That is why, although a child's teeth are just transitory, dentists prefer to save them.


Dental Crowns Options to Choose from


Stainless Steel Crowns:


The most typical type of crown used in pediatric dentistry is stainless steel. These are the "silver" crowns that many people prefer. If you aren't concerned about visual appeal or, in other words, good looks, these shiny silver crowns are a great option. They are also firm and long-lasting. They are sometimes known to contribute to metal allergies and can cause minor local tissue irritation.


Stainless Steel Crowns with White Facings:


Here is a stainless-steel crown that is more visually appealing. The crown has a white facing to give it a more natural look. It is a better option than a traditional stainless crown for a front tooth that will be visible whenever the user opens their mouth. However, the face does give the tooth some extra thickness. The facing can gradually start to crack, showing the silver steel beneath


Composite Strip Crowns or Resin Crowns:


When prepared by your dentist, this crown is visually appealing. These crowns must be fit using skill, which often takes longer. These crowns can be challenging for small, uncooperative children due to the time required; medication with general anesthesia is sometimes necessary. The whole structure of strip crowns is a composite "white" filling. Even though this filling material has a natural look, it tends to absorb stains and become stained with time. If it isn't kept clean, it might gather plaque. Furthermore, resin crowns are much weaker than stainless steel crowns, increasing the possibility that a piece or corner will fall off.




Zirconia, a biocompatible material as strong as many metals, is used to make these crowns. Because they're made of a single piece of tooth-colored material, they look great from the outside and inside the mouth. A coating covers these crowns that make them shine like natural teeth and are tinted to match the patient's teeth. They have superior aesthetics, allowing them to fit in flawlessly with the natural teeth around them and have great strength.


Final Thoughts


It might be upsetting to learn that your kid has severe tooth decay and requires crowns. But having the choice to repair your child's teeth with state-of-the-art, natural-looking, all-ceramic crowns will ease your mind. Neither you nor your kid's friends will be able to identify that your child has crowns in their mouth. Therefore, you should offer that present to your child and see a dentist as soon as possible about the pediatric crown choice that will best serve your child's needs. 


Contact your dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental to know about more options for kids' dental crowns. 




Dental Crowns For Kids


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