Top 4 Benefits of Space Maintainers for Kids

When a kid starts growing, the milk teeth start falling off, allowing the permanent teeth to grow there. Crowding in the mouth leaves less room for the new teeth to expand and causes a lot of complications. If not given proper care, the new teeth may develop in the wrong directions, and some fall into the surrounding empty spaces. For such reasons, the benefits of space maintainers are considered.

Space maintainers benefit kids in many ways to avoid the complications of permanent teeth. Some of the main advantages of space maintainers are below:

Ease the growth of permanent teeth

Baby teeth have the perfect places because they erupt smoothly and do not get tilted due to the weight of the surrounding teeth. But when permanent teeth start flashing, they do not have enough space due to the bigger size of the other new teeth and may begin growing in the wrong directions. Space maintainers provide enough space for each tooth to grow in proper order. It also prevents the shifting of the adjacent teeth.

Painless procedure

Getting space maintainers does not cause any pain in the mouth. The first few days feel uncomfortable because the space maintainers exert a little pressure on the teeth to settle in an appropriate position. But kids get used to them and are not hurt when time passes. So your child can have a beautiful smile and all the teeth in proper shape without any pain.

No need for orthodontic treatments in the future

Using space maintainers in kids will encourage the proper growth of permanent teeth. When all of your teeth are in their appropriate place and shape, there will be no need to get any orthodontic treatment in the future.

While other orthodontic treatments like braces and aligners may require a lot of care and precautions, space maintainers provide an affordable and low-maintenance solution. It can be painful sometimes, and you must eat soft foods to avoid complications. But using space maintainers at the right time can prevent many complications and save your money in the future.

Avoids over-crowding of the teeth

Space maintainers provide enough space for the teeth to grow. In this way, the surrounding teeth do not fall into the room and remain in their proper place. It provides the overcrowding of the teeth in one specific area.


If your kid is in the teething stage, get them space maintainers, to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Space maintainers provide enough space for the permanent teeth to grow out and reserve space for the teeth in case a milk tooth has fallen out too early. This painless device is worth the investment because it can save a lot of money and dental treatments in the future.

Contact your Stockton pediatric dentist, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental, to know the benefits of space maintainers.


What Is The Importance Of Space Maintainers?

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