Tooth Extraction: Is it Preventable?

Almost everyone hopes for a tooth extraction to be preventable. However, there are cases and instances where having it is the best option. For example, for genetic reasons, sometimes people are born with too many teeth. When this happens, the teeth can become overcrowded and look crooked. This is one example of where a tooth extraction can actually serve to help improve the dental functionality and appearance of an individual. In addition, there are other cases where an extraction is absolutely essential. Keep in mind that tooth extraction is a safe and proven procedure.  

Following A Good Oral Hygiene Regimen at Home 

For example, someone who has allowed dental decay to fester over an extended period of time will likely lose a tooth through extraction. Remember that tooth extraction in this case is preventable. Simply following a good oral hygiene regimen at home and having regular dental exams can prevent this type of problem from ever occurring. In other cases, if an individual becomes injured in a sporting accident or automobile accident, a tooth may be so badly damaged that the only option is extraction. This is another instance where it is possible to prevent tooth extraction. For example, wearing a tooth guard while participating in impact sports can prevent extraction. 

Function Just as Well as The Real Tooth 
Teeth Extraction: Is it Preventable?

Another important consideration with regard to tooth extraction is that today’s modern dental implants offer an excellent restoration once a tooth has been removed. The good news is that a dental implant with its titanium rod becomes as strong, if not stronger than the original tooth and root. This means that even when a tooth becomes extracted, that a replacement can be almost undetectable and function just as well as the real tooth. That said, everyone always prefers to have their own natural teeth, therefore preventing tooth extraction should always be the top priority. 

Preventing Dental Decay 

Again, it cannot be overstressed that taking care of your teeth, eating the right kind of food and brushing and flossing regularly can often prevent the possibility of having a tooth extraction. Talk with your dental care provider to learn more about how preventing dental decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease and other related problems is possible. In many cases having the right education and taking the right steps at home is all that is necessary. Contact your Stockton dentist, Dr. Sajjad Rizvi, at Happy Kids Dental for more information on teeth extraction and whether or not it is preventable. 

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