Tooth Extraction in Kids: Cause and Treatment

It can be exciting to see when your child loses his first tooth since it is a milestone for many. However, there are circumstances when the child's tooth does not fall out naturally. Rather it has to be extracted by an intervention. Usually, when kids' teeth become decayed or badly affected by an infection, they need a tooth extraction.


A tooth extraction might scare children even though it's a simple process. Continue reading to find out when kids need a tooth extraction and how to prepare children in this regard.


When Can Children Need Tooth Extractions?


When there is an infection beneath the child's tooth, the dentist recommends tooth extraction. However, the most common reasons for tooth extraction in kids are below.


  • The child's tooth is either affected by an injury or trauma.
  • The tooth is badly decayed or deteriorated.
  • The child's tooth starts crowding adult teeth where it becomes necessary to extract the tooth. Otherwise, orthodontic treatment becomes essential to reduce crowding.


Types of Tooth Extraction:


There are two major tooth extraction types: simple and surgical tooth extraction. The former doesn't require cutting through the gums and helps eliminate crowded teeth and dead roots. The latter is usually performed by oral surgeons, who extract the tooth by cutting through the gums.


Simple tooth extraction is mostly performed when the child's wisdom tooth requires removal. The surgical extraction is most suitable when the child's tooth becomes stuck below the gums or has broken teeth.


Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?


Tooth extraction can be painful, and getting a tooth pulled out can hurt. However, the oral surgeon mostly uses local anesthesia to relieve the child from the painful experience.


Moreover, after the procedure, the dentist usually prescribes a pain killer to relieve the child's discomfort.


How To Prepare Your Child for Tooth Extraction?


Make your child learn the positive outcomes of tooth extraction. Let them know why it is necessary and the consequences if he doesn't go to the dentist.


  • Be transparent with your child about the procedure, and do not panic.
  • Take help from related videos and role-play techniques to gain your child's interest.
  • Let your child know that they will receive some reinforcement after the procedure completes.
  • Make them prepared for post-procedural care for a comfortable experience. Let them know that some form of bleeding after a tooth extraction is normal and that there is nothing to worry about.
  • Moreover, let them know that they will have to eat soft foods for a few days. However, later, they can enjoy whatever food they want.


Final Thoughts:


Dental tooth extractions do not necessarily have to be traumatic for children. Choosing the right pediatric dental clinic and offering moral support to your child can make the procedure easy for him. Help him value dental care and visit the dentist regularly without being afraid. We hope that the given information will benefit your child by being positive.


Contact your kids’ dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi D.D.S. at Happy Kids Dental, today to learn more about tooth extraction.




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