Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids

Tooth decay is an oral condition that disrupts the enamel and structure of teeth along with the dentin layer. It comes under the most common chronic infectious disease in children. In Ohio, 51% of kids have tooth decay which disturbs their school performance. According to estimations, children miss around 51 million school hours when children suffer from this dental condition.


Tooth decay in children causes severe pain, and this pain is almost equal to the pain of a broken leg or arm. However, prevention is possible, and you must make an effort to save your child from developing tooth decay. Find the best tips in this article to prevent tooth decay in children and to have healthy teeth with beautiful smiles.


Tip # 1: Encourage a tooth brushing routine for your child


A well-settled routine is vital for children. Whatever they do repeatedly and regularly, they are more willing to adopt that in later life. Encourage a tooth brushing routine for your child. It will inculcate the brushing habit in your child, and he will focus on his oral health maintenance.


You can set a specific time when your child feels happy to brush his teeth. Also, give some form of reinforcement to your child for maintaining that behavior. Brushing at least twice or thrice daily to avoid dental problems is best.


Also, encourage your child to use flossing at least once a day. Dental floss is best for teeth cleaning and aids in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


Tip # 2: Make regular dentist visits


Many children are anxious about visiting the dentist. Make it a habit to take your child to the nearest dentist at least once a month. Get your child evaluated by a dental health professional to check for early signs of tooth decay.


Also, learn how to improve your child’s oral health from the dentist. It will significantly help avoid tooth decay and common problems in children. Consult your dentist for a fluoride supplement for your child to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay.


Tip # 3: Give healthy meals to your child


A healthy and well-nutritious diet is essential for physical, mental, and oral health functioning. Teach your child that sugary items and carbohydrates are not beneficial for their teeth. Sugary items like candies, chocolates, fizzy drinks, etc., disrupt the tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.


Limit your child’s sugar intake and avoid foods like chips, pretzels, or candies. If your child still wants to have sticky foods, encourage him to brush his teeth immediately after having them. Remember, whatever you’ll do, your child will imitate it. Therefore, as a parent, model good behavior and give importance to oral hygiene.


The Final Word


Tooth decay in children can lead to poor school performance and might lead to painful nights. As a parent, you should be well aware of the causes of tooth decay. For instance, if your child eats too many carbohydrates, these foods turn into acids. This acid, saliva, and food debris lead to plaque that sticks to the teeth. As a result, cavities begin to form, which might lead to tooth loss. Follow the above tips to help your child eliminate tooth decay and cavity formation.


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Parental Guide To Prevent Tooth Decay In Kids?


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