Root Canal Treatment for Children and Younger Adults

While root canal therapy is an important part of adult dentistry, it also plays a key role in helping kids enjoy better dental health. It is simply a fact that on occasion children may require root canal treatment. This is often the case with children who have not maintained good dental hygiene and oral care at home. From eating too many sweets to allowing tooth decay to go unchecked, infections and periodontal disease as well as other problems can necessitate the need for a root canal. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that root canal treatment for children and young adults, so that a tooth or multiple teeth can be saved from bacterial infection or ongoing inflammation, pain and ultimately decay or lost teeth is possible. 

Root Canal May Be Needed as a Way to Deal with Infection
Root Canal May Be Needed as a Way to Deal with Infection 

While children may eventually lose their baby teeth and ultimately have their permanent teeth erupt, root canal may still be one of the best ways to save primary teeth. For example, with either periodontal disease or other related problems, this can have an effect on how a child chews, speaks or develops. It can also affect how incoming teeth align. That said these are some of the main reasons that a root canal may be needed as a way to deal with infection. While cavities in the early stages can easily be treated through the use of dental fillings, those that go unchecked may require root canal therapy. 

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Liquids
Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Liquids 

Parents should rest assured that if their child does need a root canal, that the procedure has been around for a long time and enjoys a high level of success. A root canal removes pulp at the center of the tooth, including the nerves and other tissue as well as blood vessels. Any infections in the tooth are also removed and then an inert substance is placed within the tooth so that it may continue to function normally. Anytime your child experiences anything from sensitivity to hot or cold liquids as well as pain when biting or even pain in the neck, ears, or temple it is best to contact your dental care provider and plan for a full dental examination. Contact your Stockton dentist Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental for more information about root canal treatment for children and young adults. 

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