Root Canal Therapy for Children

Root Canal Therapy for Children

As with adults, children sometimes require the dental treatment known as root canal. The good news is that root canal therapy for children and younger adults is highly effective just as it is for other adults. A root canal procedure is nothing more than the process of removing diseased pulp from the inner core of the tooth and replacing it with an inert type material. Keep in mind that the pulp is the tissue within the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels reside. The root of the truth is what secures it to the gum and jawbone. A child may require a root canal if the tooth has become infected or damaged. There are many reasons that a tooth can become damaged or injured. For example, cavities, automobile accidents, an abscess or number of other conditions can lead to the need for root canal. Root canal can even be done on baby teeth.

Maintain a Proper Space for Permanent Tooth Eruption

The main reason for root canal for children is that if a baby tooth falls out prematurely, children can develop speech or other related issues. Root canal is designed to save the tooth and thus allow it to maintain a proper space for permanent tooth eruption. During the actual root canal, special dental tools are used to clean out the canal of the tooth. The diseased pulp is removed from the tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the root canal is thoroughly cleaned out with antibacterial and germ-killing solutions. After the root canal has been properly dried it is filled with a material and then covered with a temporary and eventually permanent crown.

Have a Permanent Crown Placed
Have a Permanent Crown Placed

Following a root canal in children, there may be some amount of minimal pain. Most over-the-counter medications and anti-inflammatory products are designed to alleviate any discomfort. Note that your dental care provider may suggest certain eating and drinking restrictions for the first few days following root canal in children. If a temporary crown has been placed, your dental care provider will advise when to return to have the permanent crown placed. With so much to offer for children of all ages it is clear to see why root canal therapy in children and younger adults has become such an integral part of modern adolescent dentistry. Contact your Stockton pediatric dentist or dentist for kids, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental for more information on root canal therapy for children and how it can help ensure good dental health well into adulthood.

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