Pediatric Dentistry for Kids

Pediatric Dentistry for Kids

A pediatric dentist is a professional that is dedicated to the oral health and care of children’s teeth. This includes dental care from infancy all the way through the teen years. Keep in mind that a dental care professional that specializes in dentistry for kids will have experience and qualifications that exceed general dentistry. In other words, a dentist that is a pediatric specialist is tasked with working specifically with the issues associated with children’s teeth. This includes everything from dealing with cavities to dental injuries and gum disease as well as the proper alignment of developing teeth.

Permanent Teeth will Begin to Erupt

It is important to note that children begin to get their baby teeth in the first six months of life. In addition, by the age of about seven years old, they will begin to lose these baby teeth. At this point permanent teeth will begin to erupt. Perhaps what is most important of all is that these permanent teeth come in in proper alignment. With a lack of proper dental care, children may end up with oral decay and disease or crooked teeth. This can result in more serious dental problems later on in life. Kids are clearly more prone to dental problems than adults meaning that they require additional care and attention.

Habit Formation

Pediatric dentistry will involve health exams for infants assessing the probability of cavities in both the mother and child. Preventative dentistry is also part of overall care for children and this includes cleaning and fluoride treatment as well as adherence to proper nutrition and diet. Even discussion about habit formation including such subjects as pacifier use and thumb sucking is included in the overall dental care for young children. From the repair of cavities and tooth defects to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes and asthma as well as even hay fever, there are many aspects of dental care for children that must be examined.

Stockton Pediatric Dentist
Proper Dental Care

Parents should consider talking with a dental care provider who focuses on pediatrics as soon as possible even prior to the birth of a child. This will help to ensure that proper dental care and treatment is in place once a child has been born. With so much at stake it is clear to see why pediatric dentistry plays such a vital and important role in long-term dental care for children as they grow and develop. Talking with your Stockton pediatric dentist, Dr. Sajjad Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental is the best way to learn more about pediatric dentistry for kids and all that it has to offer.

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