Pediatric Dentistry for Adolescents

Pediatric Dentistry for Adolescents

A pediatric dentist that specializes in dentistry for adolescents works specifically with children starting with their baby teeth and all the way through the later years of adolescence. This is an important part of dentistry because children’s teeth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Proper dental care early in life helps to avoid pain and problems and tooth disease complications later on in life. A pediatric dentist who deals with adolescent children offers a wide range of treatments. This can include everything from infant oral care to preventative dental care and teeth straightening as well as correcting an improper bite.

Proper Guidance on Pacifier and Thumb Sucking in Infants

In addition, a dentist for adolescents offers oral exams and risk assessment when it comes to dental cavities. Diet recommendations along with routine cleanings are all part of a pediatric dentist’s job. Adolescent children may also be counseled on proper habits that will help shape how a child takes care of their teeth throughout their entire life. Equally important is the proper guidance on pacifier and thumb sucking in infants. Children may also require tooth repair if there are any defects or cavities so that they can be maintained in the healthiest condition possible. A pediatric dentist may also diagnose and treat oral diseases.

Diagnosis and Proper Treatment of Gum Disease

This is especially important because research has shown that oral diseases can affect cardiac health as well as a wide range of other chronic illnesses. Diagnosis and proper treatment of gum disease in addition to dealing with a full range of dental injuries is of prime concern in children’s dentistry. Because children are so active it is not surprising that they have a wide range of dental injuries that are common throughout the younger years. From knocked out teeth to teeth that are chipped pediatric dentistry can help with injuries that happen at the most unexpected time.

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A Vital Role in Long-Term Dental Health

In some cases, baby teeth may be lost early, and this is where a pediatric dental care provider may offer space maintainers as a way to ensure that permanent teeth come in normally. This specialized field of dentistry for children and adolescents plays a vital role in long-term dental health and should never be overlooked. One of the best ways to ensure that your children’s teeth are properly cared for through all stages of life is to have regular routine visits with your dental professional. To learn more about pediatric dentistry for adolescents talk with your Stockton Pediatric dentist, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental today.

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