Pacifier Usage In Kids

Young children and infants like to suck on a pacifier. Pacifiers provide comfort and security to kids, especially when the urge to suck. However, pacifiers have their relevant pros and cons, and it’s up to the parents whether they would like to give pacifiers to their kids or not. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and risks of pacifiers and some expert recommendations. Moreover, the article will reflect on a few valuable tips for your enlightenment. So, let’s begin.

Benefits And Risks:
  • Offers Temporary Distraction

One of the top benefits of pacifiers is their assistance during blood tests or other procedures for infants and young children. A pacifier comes in handy and can distract kids during such times of difficulty.

  • Help Minimize The Risk Of SIDS

Another advantage of using pacifiers is that they aid in minimizing the risk of SIDS, i.e., sudden infant death syndrome. When kids suck on a pacifier, it helps to reduce this risk, especially during their nap time.

  • Eases Discomfort During Flights

A pacifier also provides an ease to kids during flights. Sucking on a pacifier might help relieve the ear pain caused due to change in air pressure.

  • Helps In Soothing Babies

Pacifiers help in soothing fussy babies, and they can fall asleep with ease. It is specifically helpful when babies have trouble settling down or suck to attain instant pleasure.

  • Babies Become Dependent On Pacifiers

One of the biggest disadvantages of a pacifier is that babies become dependent upon them due to excessive usage. When a pacifier falls out of a baby’s mouth, he might cry, and you’ll have to face mid-night crying spells.

  • Probability Of Getting Dental Or Ear Problem

Many experts point out that excessive usage of pacifiers leads to dental or ear problems in kids. Therefore, their use should be in moderation.

  • Might Interfere With Breastfeeding

Infants also become confused between a breast nipple and that of a pacifier. So, excessive or prolonged usage of pacifiers might interfere with breastfeeding.

Tips For Using Pacifiers:
  • Never force your baby to have it. If it comes out of his mouth, do not put it back if it goes unnoticed by the baby.
  • Wash the pacifier thoroughly so that it does not cause any health problems in the child.
  • Never tie a ribbon to the pacifier. It might strangle the baby.
  • It is best to wait till one month before giving a pacifier to your baby so that he does not confuse the breast nipple and nipple of the pacifier.
Final Thoughts:

Though pacifiers offer some benefits to children, you must also care about their usage. Excessive or prolonged use might come with certain health risks for the child. It is best to stop giving pacifiers to kids above two years.

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