Orthodontics For Kids

Today orthodontics for kids offers incredible solutions and option for a wide range of dental conditions and all intended to improve the dental health, functionality and appearance of children’s teeth. The good news is that just about any type of dental problem today can be effectively treated through orthodontics at just virtually any age. While some children may not be ready for orthodontic treatment, they can still be evaluated even at an early age so as to monitor the growth and development of teeth over time. This is a smart approach that parents might consider in order to ensure the best in dental health for their children.

Use of Advanced Braces Technology
Use of Advanced Braces Technology

In addition; it is important to note that virtually most of the orthodontic problems encountered today regardless of the age of the patient can be treated using braces that are cemented or bonded directly to the teeth. The good news is that with today’s modern orthodontics and with the use of advanced braces technology, the braces themselves are smaller and the wire technology has become more comfortable. This allows for a far better patient experience. As an added bonus there is also the option for clear braces. It is a more aesthetically pleasing option for those requiring braces.

Your Child’s Teeth Can Be Straightened in a More Subtle Way
Your Child’s Teeth Can Be Straightened in a More Subtle Way

Finally, there is also the option of Invisalign, a technology that uses clear plastic removable aligners to straighten teeth. This eliminates the need for traditional braces and means that your child’s teeth can be straightened in a far more subtle way. The technology involves digital scanning that is used to create a perfect teeth-aligning process. With Invisalign, children will go through a series of transformations using different aligners over a period of time. Whether it is a simple or complex teeth-straightening case, orthodontic care using clear trays or aligners is a smart choice. Contact your dentist for kids in Stockton, Dr. Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental, today for more information about orthodontics for kids.

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