Mouth Guards and Protecting Children’s Teeth

Trauma to a child’s teeth, gums, lips and cheeks can be a serious concern in today’s active world. That is why it is so important to consider something as simple as a mouthguard that can be very effective in protecting children's teeth. Regardless of the age of your children and what sport they might be involved in, one thing is sure and that is that these guards do in fact make a big difference. Concerned parents take a proactive role in their children’s dental health by making sure kids always wear guards when involved in physical activity or contact sports.

Preventing lacerations to the cheeks
Preventing Lacerations to the Cheeks

In short, mouth guards are an inexpensive way to protect kid’s teeth and ensure that they have healthy dental functionality as they mature into adults. Whether it is protecting teeth from fractures, injury or breakage, a mouthguard used for soccer, football or even martial arts is a smart choice. Preventing lacerations to the cheeks, lips, and jaw can also reduce the chances of other more serious dental problems such as TMJ. When a mouthguard is properly fitted it helps to protect soft tissue from the sharp edges and surfaces of the teeth. Anytime there is direct impact to the mouth, a child’s teeth can become injured.

Injured in a high impact event
Injured in a High Impact Event

Whether it is the impact from another player, or the impact of athletic gear, teeth and soft tissue can be subject to minor and more serious injuries such as a tooth becoming dislodged. Note that even the tongue can become seriously injured in a high impact event. The jaw also is susceptible to serious injury and can benefit from the use of a mouthguard. Jaw fractures are probably more common than most parents realize. There are several types of mouth guards available today including everything from boil and bite to custom-made guards. Consult with your pediatric dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi D.D.S. at Happy Kids Dental, to learn more about the many options for protecting children's teeth today.

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