Making a Dental Appointment During Covid-19

Making a Dental Appointment During Covid-19

Even in times of social disruption we are experiencing now, it is possible to make a dental appointment during Covid-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact, it can be the perfect time to consider your dental health. From a crown to implants and even having braces placed for kids, wait time and traffic issues can be much less of a concern. Perhaps most important of all is if a patient experiences a dental emergency. When an injury does occur that requires the assistance of a dentist, know that there is always help available. That said every dental care provider’s office schedule will be different and varied. That is why you should call your preferred dental care provider to know for sure.

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Making a dental appointment during a pandemic situation is typically easy. With the internet and phone service all functioning normally, simply contact your provider to set a time and date. Even having a routine checkup and cleaning is possible. For those who are planning ahead for possible reduced retail outlet hours and stock, purchasing a few extra tubes of toothpaste can be a good thing. This along with maintaining an excellent home oral care program can go a long way in keeping teeth strong, attractive and healthy. Kids are especially prone to neglecting proper dental care when not sticking with a normal routine. For example, many schools have let out early for the year because of the spreading virus concerns.


This is actually the best time to focus on teaching children how to better care for their teeth. Guiding them on good flossing and brushing techniques and how to eat the right kinds of foods is a smart way to make good use of the added time at home. With so much to offer it is clear to see why quality dental care can be so vital during times of a pandemic or even a seasonal flu outbreak. Talk with your kids and explain the benefits of using time wisely while off from school. Making a dental appointment anytime regardless of current events should always be a priority considering that oral health can have a huge impact on overall health and wellness. To learn more about how to schedule a dental appointment during Covid-19, contact with your Stockton dentist for kids, Dr. Sajjad Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental today.


Disclaimer: Your health and safety are a top priority. Always ensure that you and your family are in full compliance with any and all CDC as well as local and state health regulatory agency recommendations. In addition, know that today’s modern dental practices strive to maintain an environment that is safe and fully sterilized as per OSHA and CDC guidelines. Finally, if at any time you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms, see your general physician or health care provider right away. Social distancing practices are one of the best ways to reduce the chances of contracting the flu and other communicable diseases such as Covid-19.

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