How Do Fluoride Treatments Benefit My Child?

Fluoride treatments are not new and have been around for a long time. When talking about fluoride and its application to children’s dentistry, it offers several advantages worth considering. Fluoride helps to reinforce healthy tooth enamel and fight bacteria. This is important because bacteria are extremely harmful to the gums and teeth and can result in periodontal disease. It is no surprise that children have a greater risk of developing dental cavities as they tend to eat candy and sugary foods more often than adults. Fluoride treatment is a good way to prevent dental cavities. 

Painless and Produces Immediate Results
Painless and Produces Immediate Results 

With a professional fluoride treatment, your child will receive a highly concentrated rinse when the procedure is done in a dental office. Fluoride comes in many forms and can be administered by foam, varnish or even gel. The treatment is easy, painless and produces immediate results. Keep in mind that this type of treatment that is done in a dental office is stronger than what is found in a typical over-the-counter toothpaste. Fluoride treatments are affordable especially with the right type of insurance policy. Consult with your insurance agent to know for sure how much of a fluoride treatment is covered for your children. 

Fluoride is Helpful
Fluoride is Helpful 

The benefits of this type of treatment are many and especially in the fact that it helps to restore minerals to the surface of teeth. Fluoride also helps to stop the growth of unwanted bacteria as a way to prevent cavities. While it cannot remove existing decay, it helps to arrest or stop future decay. Fluoride is helpful for children’s dental health especially at an early age. It has been shown to clearly prevent cavities in developing teeth. While these treatments are indeed helpful, one of the best things any parent can do is promote good oral hygiene and health at home. Regular routine brushing and flossing with consistent checkups can help keep your children’s teeth healthy and vibrant through all stages of life. Contact Stockton dentist for kids, Sajjad Rizvi DDS at Happy Kids Dental today to learn more. 

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