Food And Drinks To Avoid For Children

Healthy eating is vital for kids, and this is about a balanced diet. Eating healthy is essential because it will prevent chronic diseases later on. Studies show that about 100 infants get sick every year due to bacteria found in unhealthy food, a condition called infant botulism. Food that contains these bacteria must be avoided. Here we have compiled a list that children should prevent.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks must be avoided because they contain high soda content and are high in sugar and calories. It can lead to childhood obesity. These drinks can also upset acid-alkaline balance in the stomach leading to inflammation. Fizzy drinks are dehydrating, so they need to be avoided as kids need hydration throughout the day.

Processed Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy option in kids' diets, but packaged yogurt is entirely different. It contains artificial colors and flavors that are not favorable for kids. The food dyes can cause allergic reactions and lead to hyperactivity in kids.

As an alternative, you can give regular yogurt and drizzle some honey to give the sweetening effect.

Drinking Containing Aspartame

Many parents think that an artificial sweetener is a healthy option for sugar, which is not true. Instead, products that contain aspartame are more harmful than sugar. This sweetener stops the production of an enzyme which is vital to prevent diabetes.

Instead of artificial sweeteners, give naturally sweet fruits to kids or make a fresh fruit popsicle with honey.

Processed Meat

Food containing processed meat, such as hot dogs, must be kept away from children. Research by the American Cancer Society shows that eating 50g of processed meat can increase cancer risk in children by 18%. An excellent alternative for processed food is fish-based food. Considering fast food, fish is still healthier than processed meat.

Packaged Juices And Sports Drink

Children under the age of one year should avoid any packaged fruit juices. Similarly, this should be reduced for older children because of the high sugar level. Additionally, sports drinks include brominated vegetable oil, which causes bromine poisoning and is harmful to children's brains, skin, and memories. These bottled beverages include no vitamins or minerals.

A robust fruit smoothie is a healthy substitute for these beverages.

Chewing Gums

Bubble Gums are a big no for children of all ages. First, they contain a high amount of sugar which can cause cavities in the mouth. The sugar-free gums contain sorbitol, which can lead to diarrhea. In addition, swallowing bubble gum can be a choking hazard and block the digestive system.

Chewing vegetables is a healthy option for bubble gums.

Final Thoughts

So, children must avoid these unhealthy foods and drinks. Apart from the foods mentioned above, potato chips, gummy bears, processed popcorn are also considered dangerous. These foods are generally regarded as harmless for children, but studies have shown that they can be immensely harmful.

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