Do Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay?

This is a frequently asked question by parents with children. The good news is that dental sealants do help to prevent tooth decay. However, it is important to note that even with dental sealants applied, it is still important to follow a strict home regimen with regard to brushing and flossing and eating the right kinds of foods. In other words, sealants are not a solve all that allows people to forgo brushing and flossing. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a good home dental health program. Parents should teach their children to practice good brushing and flossing techniques. 




Almost Exclusively Applied to The Chewing Surface 


Dental sealants are easy to apply, affordable and can last for many years. However, there are many cases where after several years the sealant should be reapplied. One of the most important aspects of dental sealants is that they are almost exclusively applied to the chewing surface of molars and larger back teeth. This is because the intent is to prevent bacteria and small particles of food from becoming trapped within the curves, grooves and cracks of the cusps of the larger back teeth. 




Cost-Effective Way of Taking Preventative Measures 


Do Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay


The good news is that once dental sealants are applied, the end result can be a greatly reduced probability of having dental cavities develop. The sealant works to repel and resist bacteria and other damaging elements that can have a bad effect on teeth. With so much to offer it is clear to see why more parents than ever before are turning to dental sealants as a way to protect their children from cavities later on in life. Even adults are looking to dental sealants as a way to improve overall dental health. It’s a smart and cost-effective way of taking preventative measures to protect your teeth going forward. 




The Decision-Making Process 


Asking the simple question, do dental sealant treatments prevent tooth decay, is easy to answer in that they clearly do make a difference. Consulting with your dentist is the first step in determining if dental type sealant will help you or your children in terms of improved oral health. Involving children in the decision-making process is a great way to help them understand good dental health and oral care. Pediatric dentists are particularly well-trained in working with children when it comes to providing good dental care. Talk with your Stockton dentist, Dr. Sajjad Rizvi, at Happy Kids Dental today to learn if sealants really do prevent tooth decay.






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