Dental Crowns for Kids

Dental Crowns for Kids

Adults are typically more familiar with dental crowns than children. That said there are some cases where kids can benefit from dental crown placement. Even a baby tooth can gain an advantage from having a crown placed. A dental crown is nothing more than a cap that is placed over an existing tooth that has been shaved down to accept that cap. It is designed to cover the entire tooth and protect it while perfectly matching the original shape and color of a natural tooth. In short, dental crowns for kids look exactly like a natural tooth and can actually be even stronger than the original tooth it replaces.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

The crown itself is cemented directly onto the tooth and is permanent in nature. Crowns are used for both cosmetic and functional purposes. They are made of porcelain or other similar hard material and are designed to last many decades. Perhaps most importantly of all crowns for children are intended to reduce pain and discomfort. Once a dental crown is placed onto a child’s tooth the tooth will function exactly like the original natural tooth. Crowns are important because they can reduce the chances of decay and additional tooth damage and may even be used to hold a cracked tooth together.

Dental Implant Treatment

Other purposes for crowns include dealing with badly decayed or worn teeth. Even a tooth that has an overtly large or excessive filling may benefit from having a crown placed. Children who grind their teeth excessively also may benefit from having crowns placed as a way to deal with this type of dental problem. They are also sometimes used to cover discolored teeth or teeth that have become misshaped or crooked. In adults, crowns are often used as a way to complete a dental implant treatment. Another important function of a crown is when it is used to hold a dental bridge in place. These are typically for adult teeth only.

Space Maintainers
Space Maintainers

When a crown is used on a baby tooth it may be used as a way to protect a decayed tooth that can no longer support a filling. For children, a crown can also be applied to prevent a baby tooth from falling. This is important because baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth. That is why a dentist will always try to save a baby tooth whenever possible. If there is no way to save the baby tooth, once the tooth is gone it is important to use space maintainers to help ensure that other teeth do not shift. This could prevent adult teeth from coming in normally. Talk with your Stockton dentist for kids, Dr. Rizvi at Happy Kids Dental for more information on dental crowns for children.

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