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Dental crowns for children play a vital and essential role in overall dental health and well-being. Children, like adults, may end up requiring a tooth restoration through the use of a dental crown. This is often the case when it is necessary to restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been injured through an accident or even because of disease or decay. In addition, a crown or cap is frequently used to simply protect a weak tooth so that it does not break or crack. In short, a crown is an important tool in the dentist’s toolkit when it comes to ensuring the best in dental health. 

dental crown for children
Children’s Teeth Are Different Than Adult Teeth 

While not typically used for children, a crown is also often employed as a way to secure a dental bridge in place in order to finish a restoration using a dental implant. Children’s teeth are different than adult teeth in that they are smaller and more fragile. That said crowns can be used on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth once they have erupted. For children, the most common reason for a crown is to save a tooth that has experienced damage as a result of decay where the tooth will simply not support a traditional or standard filling. 

dental crown
Specific Behavior or a Medical History 

Crowns are also highly effective at protecting a child’s tooth when they are at high risk for tooth decay. This is often seen with children who simply do not have the wherewithal to keep up with daily dental practices and oral hygiene. A crown is also a good choice as a way to decrease the frequency of general anesthesia needed for a child. This is often the case because a child is at an age or has specific behavior or medical history that can have an impact on proper dental care procedures. Whether it is stainless steel or porcelain or some other type of material, crowns for children are very common today. Contact your Stockton dentist, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental to learn more about dental crowns for children. 

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