Children’s Dental Crowns

Today, pediatric dentistry is a vital and important part of overall modern dental care. In short, nothing is more important than establishing good dental care practices early in life so that children develop properly and enjoy the best dental health possible. One consideration in this regard is that of children’s dental crowns. Keep in mind that dental crowns are frequently used for adults of all ages as a way to save a natural tooth that might otherwise require removal. For children, a crown can be used on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth.

Protect the Teeth from Tooth Decay
Protect the Teeth from Tooth Decay 

If a baby tooth or a permanent tooth has been affected by damage caused by decay it can be repaired through the use of a children’s dental crown. This is important because this type of crown intended for children helps to protect the teeth from tooth decay and other related concerns. For a child to receive any crown or cap it is first necessary for the dental care provider to take an impression of the child’s tooth. Once this is complete, the impression is sent off to a dental lab where a custom crown is crafted to exacting specifications so that it fits perfectly. When the dental care provider receives the newly crafted crown it can then be permanently placed for the patient. 

Teaching Children How to Brush Properly and the Right Way to Floss
Teaching Children How to Brush Properly and the Right Way to Floss 

With strides and advances in modern dentistry moving ahead by leaps and bounds, children, adults and the elderly all enjoy the very best in dental care, health and overall wellness. Dental crowns for kids are just one more example of this fact. All said, one of the most important things that parents can do for young children is teach them good dental health practices at home. This includes teaching children how to brush properly and how to floss. It is also important to teach children good eating habits including consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding hard candy, popcorn kernels and other damaging foods. Contact your dentist in Stockton, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental today if you have more questions about children’s dental crown. 

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