Best Foods for Your Kids from Oral Health

We know that as a parent, you want to facilitate your child’s oral health and help them achieve a healthy and bright smile. A nutritious diet plays a significant role in improving your child’s general health, including dental health.

Diet is one of the key factors in determining the health of teeth and gums. Non-nutritious snacks, sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruits, sugary drinks, and starchy and processed foods damage the tooth enamel and lead to cavities. A poor diet encourages tooth decay and decreases the quality of oral health.

It is always good to opt for a balanced diet for your kids so that their teeth and gums can develop properly and remain strong throughout their life. Healthy food for kids prevents gum disease, tooth loss, and bacterial infection. Therefore, they are worth choosing and are ideal for your child’s oral health. Here is the list of kid-friendly foods to achieve better oral health for your child.


Eggs are full of protein and contain phosphorus, Vitamin D, and K2. They are an excellent breakfast option and help to build stronger teeth. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body and reduces the prevalence of the periodontal disease. Phosphorus helps to build strong bones and teeth, whereas Vitamin K2 supports remineralization and helps to prevent cavities.


Dairy products like cheese and milk are the best sources of calcium. Calcium strengthens the tooth enamel’s outer covering and helps fight against cavities. Eating cheese helps increase saliva production, which washes away acid, sugar, and bacteria. Cheese also contains phosphorus which removes plaque from the surface of the teeth. This, in turn, protects the child’s teeth from gum diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that protect the teeth against bacterial infection, cell damage, and gum problems. Crisp fruits and raw vegetables encourage fresh breath and help to clean plaque from the teeth. Add fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to your child’s diet to facilitate dental health.

Seeds and Nuts:

Nuts and seeds play a significant role in preserving gum tissue growth and strengthening tooth enamel. However, some nuts like almonds might be hard for your child to chew. So, you can opt for silvered or chopped nuts in such a case.


Yogurt contains probiotics and calcium, which help to build strong teeth. It also crowds out bad bacteria in the mouth, which can otherwise cause dental cavities. Therefore, it is worth adding yogurt to your child’s daily diet.

Final Thoughts:

Children must be encouraged to take a well-balanced diet to reduce unhealthy cravings in adulthood. A nutrient-rich, healthy diet and water prevents tooth decay and maintains healthy teeth.

Sugary drinks and unhealthy foods not only cause oral health problems but also lead to long-term health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, fatty liver diseases, and heart diseases. Therefore, you must encourage your children to eat a nutrient-dense diet to improve their oral health functioning.

To learn more on how to develop oral health in your kids from the best food, Contact your Stockton dentist, Dr. Sajjid Rizvi, at Happy Kids Dental today.


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