Benefits of Space Maintainers for Kids

Today more than ever before parents have a greater number of opportunities to help their children enjoy perfect dental health. This is especially important because early dental care can make a big difference in overall dental health and wellness later on in life. There are some benefits to space maintainers for kids that should be considered. For example, children who’ve lost baby teeth at an early stage because of dental decay may benefit. Your dental care provider may recommend getting space maintainers depending on the child’s particular situation. The good news is that space maintainers are very successful at achieving the desired goal.

Nothing More Than Natural Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is nothing more than a simple dental appliance that an orthodontist or dentist can make for a patient. For a child, these maintainers are used when a baby tooth has been extracted, usually because of tooth decay. Space maintainer helps to preserve or maintain the space where the tooth was so that the permanent tooth can come in normally. As a matter of fact, all baby teeth are really nothing more than natural space maintainers. They are in a position in the mouth maintaining a space until permanent teeth erupt. Space maintainers are essential and important dental appliances because they help to preserve a space – this is so as mentioned the permanent teeth come in normally.

Adult Teeth Will Eventually Erupt

Maintainers are mainly tasked with preventing other teeth from shifting into the space where adult teeth will eventually erupt. By keeping the space clear, maintainers ensure that permanent teeth come in straight and without any problems. Maintainers are also important because they can help to prevent the need for braces at a later time. Visiting with your dental care provider is the best way to know for sure if this type of treatment is suitable for your child. Children’s dentistry is very unique and different than adult dentistry and that is why it is important to work with a trusted name in pediatric dentistry.

Removable Type Device

There are typically two types of space maintainers used for kid’s dentistry today. Either fixed or removable. Fixed maintainers are cemented permanently into place until it is eventually removed by the dentist. Conversely, a removable type of device is easily removed and is made of acrylic. The removable maintainer is a lot like an orthodontic appliance. The good news for children is that these appliances are not painful although they may be slightly uncomfortable in the very beginning. To learn more about this innovative and unique dental concept about space maintainer for kids, talk with Stockton dentist for kids, Sajjad Rizvi, DDS at Happy Kids Dental today.

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