Athletic Mouth Guards are Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Parents of school-aged children are rightly concerned about their children’s health especially when they are involved in sports. Perhaps nothing can be more concerning than protecting children’s teeth from traumatic injury. It is commonly understood that it is possible to protect kid’s teeth by using simple athletic mouth guards. Because children are so active and rugged, they are highly susceptible to traumatic dental injury. Whether it is jumping, skating, or impact sports as well as tumbling and rolling, the possibilities of trauma to the teeth are very high. 

Mouth Guards Do Indeed Offer Substantial Protection
Mouth Guards Do Indeed Offer Substantial Protection

A mouthguard is a great way to protect your children’s teeth when they are involved in physical activities and sports. It is nothing more than a plastic dental appliance that is placed over the teeth and warn during physical activity or sports. The guard provides good protection for not only the teeth but also the gums, cheeks and lips. Many medical studies and research have shown that mouth guards do indeed offer substantial protection against sports activity induced injuries to the teeth and surrounding soft tissue. Guards are so effective because they dissipate forces upon impact and as a result reduce the chances of traumatic dental injury. 

Incorporating Mouth Guards into Your Child’s Daily Routine
Incorporating Mouth Guards into Your Child’s Daily Routine 

With so much to offer it is clear to see why dental mouthguards are so popular today among concerned parents. Simply stated, this type of dental appliance is highly effective and works. Avoiding chipped, broken and dislodged teeth can be as easy as incorporating mouth guards into your child’s daily routine. Best of all, when precautions are taken early in life children, as they become young adults are much less likely to experience a host of other dental related health concerns. Whether your child is playing high school football or simply skateboarding on the weekends, these guards for the mouth make smart health sense.  Contact Stockton dentist for kids, Sajjad Rizvi DDS at Happy Kids Dental today to learn more about athletic mouth guards. 

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